«DietMarka» Ltd., founded in 1998, produces extrusion grain food products with high content of dietary fibers in the form of bran. «DietMarka» company's «Crisp bran» is a medicinal and diseases preventive product, normalizing the alimentary canal functioning.
Whole grain products contain grain shells, thanks to which they are rich not only in energy, but also in dietary fibers, B group vitamins, and mineral substances. We produce foodstuff, containing more grain shells, than a whole grain.

High quality and medical
effect of Crisp Bran «DietMarka»
confirmed by scientific research
institute of Nutritionand certificate
State registration
Federal Supervisory protection of the rights and welfare of consumers man.
Our product is recomended as prophylactic product that improves functional state of the alimentarycanal and make a firm basis for a wholesome diet.
The company's products in retail chains: